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I shot Rho Ophiuchi whilst on holiday in Greece (see this video). This stellar nursary was pretty near the top of my bucket list and I think you can see why. I have spent a small fortune testing various grades and photographic papers from the best photographic printers in the UK (the printspace) and I think it looks bloomin great.

Rho is one of the closest nebula to Earth. The gas cloud is a kind of womb which is growing around 400 baby stars at a comparatively balmy negative 253 degrees Celsius. If the Milky Way were the the size of a football pitch, Rho Ophiuchi would be just 30cm away. Pretty close huh… well not that close really. The photons that went into making this picture had been travelling for 400 years before they reached my Samyang Lens . I have to admit that Mrs Biscuit did get annoyed with me spending too long getting my gear set up to take this shot. My obsession ate into ‘family time’ but now she likes the picture so much she’s requested that she has this print as one of her Christmas presents. 😁