What is the astrobiscuit discord server?

Well, its a place where fellow nerds hang out, ask questions, help noobs, stream views through their scopes, share space pics, print off useful 3d printed bits, sell astro gear, stream processing techniques,, we even have a community rig which allows folks without a telescope to do astrophotography from anywhere in the world. I’m also really hoping to start streaming regular interactive shows on the server as its a great place for live chats.

Massive thx to Matt and the mods for helping making this the BIGGEST astro discord server in the Universe

Channels: We have over 30 channels covering everything astro related from #deep space pics to #bargain sales and swaps.


Live Streamers: Anyone can stream as long as they promise to keep most of their clothes on! This Autumn I’m hoping we will have so many live streamers that it’ll be like a virtual Star Party. 🤣 We also have live tutorials and discussions (like this one) and I’m hoping to start putting on regular live events.

Voice Channels: Its very easy to chat to folks on discord. You just hop in a voice channel and before you know it you’re chatting to Zaph from Australia whilst he images Eta Carinae. Turns out almost all nerds are lovely. Those who aren’t soon get booted out 🤣


Community Rig: One of our members has built an automated telescope which can be controlled by any member from anywhere in the world 👍 More info

Roles: Every member has a role. To start off with you’ll be a Protostar but when you show your astro skills you will be bumped up to Red Dwarf (nerd) or maybe even Red Giant (mega nerd) , we have many more roles too like the DIY astro gurus who are known as Pulsars (extremely biscuity)😂


The Biscuit Tin: A collection of hidden channels for my Patreons and those who help out the server 👍