Best Telescope for under £100

Most folks start and end their journey into space with one of the top 15 best selling scopes on amazon. They all come in at under £100… some are pants, some are merely bad, none are good enough to give you that – wow – turn you into a nerd  moment. And yet it is possible to find an amazing telescope for under £100

Back in the day telescope makers realised that if they used relatively weak lenses that didn’t bend the light too much they don’t suffer nearly so much from chromatic abberations. And as a bonus these lenses are relatively easy to make and therefore cheap. Of course if your making a telescope with a lens that doesn’t bend the light too much it needs to be long because it takes quite a distance for the weakly bent light to come to focus… this is not fashionable anymore and most folks prefer to buy more compact scopes but when the light in one of these long thin scopes does come to focus you get an AMAZINGLY crisp highly magnified view of whatever it is your looking at. Honestly the view I got of Jupiter through a £75, 60mm fat, 700mm long  celestron ABSOLUTELY knocked my socks off. This kind of scope is without doubt the best value telescope for viewing the planets.

Planet Killer for under £100

The 60mm F12 scopes are sold by various companies but are probably made in the same factory in China. These are the best value telescopes for under £100. I am including extra links including this amazon link as I expect these will sell out very quickly.

If you can buy one of these long refractors with the old school yoke tripod mount or even better an EQ mount then its much better than the modern cheap, plastic tripods which are rubbish. I totally feel like an old fart saying this but its true!!! You’d be better off with a decent camera tripod or one of these tripods.