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The “Exploding” Cigar Galaxy


Extremely deep shot of the Cigar Galaxy available to buy in August only

This extremely deep shot printed on C-Type Metallic paper shows details not thought possible to resolve from Earth but thanks to dedication from the very wonderful members of Big Amateur Telescope and modern – just about affordable –  astro cameras we can see some extremely violent star clusters near the Galaxy’s core which contain stars that are regularly exploding in unimaginably violent events called supernova. In our galaxy a star goes supernova less than once every 1000 years, in these clusters a star goes pop once every 10 years. The power of these events is easily strong enough to annihilate any budding alien civilisations that might happen to be living in neighbouring star systems and then some. In fact the explosions are throwing material tens of thousands of lightyears beyond the confines of the galaxy itself. You can just about see some of this fallout in the bottom right of this image. Its also worth noting that most of the smaller stars in this image are in fact galaxies many hundreds of thousands of light years away. I wonder how many of them are suffering from a star burst event like what the Cigar Galaxy is.

I would like to particularly thank the following BAT members for their terrific contribution to this image: @Lyaphine, @Jarinn @Michael Meredith  @Luka Poropat  @MrCrazyPhysicist @reglogge @UlrichvonZottmann @Philipp Weber @Alphan  @Dickyblowout @ugapeyton, @CodyBrownBudgetAstro @Pam Whitfield @stefan2499 @Philipp Weber

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