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Bodes Galaxy and the “Exploding” Cigar Galaxy


Bodes Galaxy strays dangerously close to the Cigar Galaxy leading to unimaginable carnage! Printed on high quality  C-Type Metallic Paper

This extremely deep and detailed picture  which was awarded Astrobin’s Image of the Day  shows Bodes Galaxy passing very close to the Cigar Galaxy. The gravitational interaction is seeding dense star clusters which you can just about see near the core of the Cigar Galaxy. Roughly 10% of the stars in these starclusters go supernova. Individual Supernova are considered to be one of the biggest bangs in the Universe so  these clusters of supernova going pop all the time will be a massive headache for any alien civilisations unfortunate enough to be living here. The continuous explosions  blast material thousands of light years out of the galaxy. This extremely violent galaxy is known as a Starburst Galaxy.

Huge thanks to all the boys and girls in Big Amateur Telescope for helping to make this image, particulalry:  @Lyaphine, @Jarinn @Michael Meredith  @Luka Poropat  @MrCrazyPhysicist @reglogge @UlrichvonZottmann @Philipp Weber @Alphan  @Dickyblowout @ugapeyton, @CodyBrownBudgetAstro @Pam Whitfield @stefan2499 @Philipp Weber

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