Image Capture Software

Below is a brief explanation of the most common image capture programs. It includes free software and premium software which is listed under each logo. You can visit the website of any software by clicking their logo! I now use NINA for deep space imaging and sharpcap for planetary imaging and polar aligning. Firecapture is possibly even better than sharpcap for planetary imaging – I just happen to be more used to sharpcap. 


(Astro Photography Tool)

Unlimited Free Trial

Licence – EUR 18.70


(Nighttime Imaging ‘N’ Astronomy)

Open Source 


(Sequence Generator Pro)

45 Day Trial

Software $149

Annual Licence $59


(Astro Sharp LTDl)

Open Source

Pro Licence – GBP 12.00

Fire Capture

(Torsten Edelmannl)

Open Source


EQMOD can control your mount. It works through ASCOM (astronomy common object model) which is a software platform which happily allows all types of astro equipment no matter what brand to be controlled by computers. Almost every bit of kit you buy can be controlled on your computer through ASCOM. So you need to have installed ASCOM before you can use EQMOD.

The ASCOM Project

The ASCOM project is a set of universal standards for astronomy. There are various drivers available on their download page to assist in computer control. Click here to visit their download page.

The EQMOD Project

EQMOD is a suite of open source applications to allow your PC to communicate directly with your mount as an alternative to your hand controller. Here is a link to the EQMOD Project.

Replacing the hand control with a direct link to your PC opens the door to automated sequences, plate solving, remote control from Stellarium etc.