Big Amateur Telescope

What is the BAT?

The Big Amateur Telescope (aka The BAT) is a free, collaborative, online astrophotography group of amateurs who all point their telescope at the same target, shoot it and then share their data in order to obtain the best possible image.

We shoot very high resolution and very deep shots of space. In order to achieve the best resolution possible from earth we use lucky imaging techniques combined with sharp telescopes and low read noise cameras. In order to see the really faint bits we combine the high resolution data with hours and hours data taken with regular astrophotography techniques and regular telescopes. In addition we are also constantly imaging Hubble’s Variable Nebula – this is important work and we are eager to get more help.  Members from all over the world meet in dedicated channels on the astrobiscuit discord server. As well as taking great images we hope you will find nerd mates from all over the world… and in a few years go visit them on your hols!

Simple Workflow

  • image one of our targets

  • upload the stack of you imaging session to the BAT

  • If you wish you can process the data gathered from all our members or you can leave it up to one of our Master Processors.

How do I join the BAT?

The BAT is undergoing a phase of transition. If you are keen and not frightened by discord then you can join straight away by clicking the “Join the BAT on Discord” Button. You will be taken to my discord server where you’ll need to navigate to near the bottom of list of channels to the BAT exam channel.  There you basically have to submit a picture you have taken of deep space. If its of a reasonable standard then a bat mod will let you in. I think the problem is more likely to be that many of us seasoned nerds aren’t familiar with discord. In which case please fill out the form below and when we have set up the  dedicated website (hopefully before the end of September) we will let you know and ask you to join us. We will still operate from discord but it’ll be much less confusing in September.

 – OR –

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


12 + 10 =

The BAT exam is really designed to prevent us being flooded with noobs who don’t know anything about astrophotography. Here is a shot of the North American Nebula which passed the BAT exam. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the kind of standard we’re after. Most folks get through. 

BTW we also do value folks who are good at processing so if you have processed other peoples work then show us what you’ve done and if its competent we’ll be very happy to have you join our ranks. The BAT is free and fun and a good place to meet fellow nerds. I’m particularly keen on encouraging more experienced astrophotographers with 10inch or bigger scopes who can join us on our quest to lucky image deep space targets.

BAT Meetings

BAT meetings  held on Saturday once a month 9pm (UK time) on the astrobiscuit discord server (depending on my availability).  I chair the bat meeting, where me, the bat mods and the bat members work through workflows and best techniques, answer questions and receive suggestions… if you’re a member you can join in. If not you can catch each meeting on The Astrobiscuit Discord Community YouTube channel.