Hey folks, here is the patrons only video tutorial on how to collimate a newtonian. Its not quite finished – partly because I need a night of good seeing to really show off the biscuit method (I will need to reshoot the last scene) and partly because I’ve learnt that really fast scopes (f4 or faster) need a different approach to what I do with my slower f6.3 big bertha. But this video is still very good for getting very good collimation with all but the fastest scopes. If you have a fast scope this’ll get you close but you’ll either have to wait for the next iteration of this video or read this to get perfect: https://teleskop-austria.at/information/pdf/FN25010c-new_Photonewton_Collimation_Primer_EN.pdf

Tutorial running thought he basic principles of newtonian telescope collimation along with examples of collimating using; a collimation cap, Cheshire eyepiece, a laser collimatator and the biscuit method of extremely accurate collimation using an out of focus star to align your primary mirror.
00:00 – intro
00:41 – overview collimation
01:51 – things to check before you collimate
02:40 – how to adjust the secondary mirror
04:52 – the eyeball method of collimation
05:50 – the collimation cap method
07:52 – the Cheshire eyepiece method
11:31 – an introduction to the laser collimator
12:24 – collimating a laser collimator
13:52- the biscuit method of collimation: using an out of focus star to align your primary mirror with great accuracy
16:50 – appendix: fixing major issues (ie the position of your secondary mirror)