Dear patrons as a special thank you for helping me to keep doing this thing that I’m doing I’ve made an exclusive  patrons only  astrophotography video tutorial. In this video I answer the question “how long should your subs be?”  A simple question but answering it correctly takes you to the heart of astrophotography… which is why it takes me an hour to explain it fully😂 Please let me know if you like it and I will make some more.

Astrobiscuit Tutorial for Patrons
How to choose your ISO/Gain and exposure length when taking deep space photos. As well as answering what settings your camera should have for astrophotography this tutorial should give you a good understanding of how astro cameras work and that knowledge will help you choose the best camera to buy.

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Thx to Dr Robin Glover (creator of sharpcap) who’s video I used to help me some important aspects of this video:
Sky Back Ground Calculator:
Formula for working out “best” exposure length…
t = 50 x (read noise)2 ÷ electons/pixel/sec

00:00 Intro
00:51 Basic Level
04:21 Histogram explanation
05:00 What the histogram of your subs should look like
07:09 Advanced Level Intro
07:48 Shot Noise
08:57 Signal to Noise ratio
11:22 Sky Glow noise (light pollution)
14:30 Dark Current Noise
16:52 Read Noise
19:27 Working out your best iso/gain setting
20:32 Fixed Pattern Noise
24:37 Dithering explanation
26:02 How long should your exposures be?
28:29 running through situations where you can get away with shorter exposures and when you can’t.
31:40 working out your exposure length using your historgram
31:55 working out your exposure length using Dr Robin Glover’s website and formula
39:05 outro