Fellow nerds, while the moon shines itelescope is FREE! Time to dust off those narrowband filters 😁 here’s what my buddy, Mladen from iTelescope had to say….

Want to do narrowband imaging on 20″ and 24″ telescopes?

iTelescope ‘Full Moon Happy Hour’ is in effect

all systems are $0/hr to image during this time


No tiers. One hour per telescope per night $0 for everyone. (you need a current subscription to access the systems)

This is for ‘on demand’ imaging; log in, and if a telescope is unoccupied, image for 1 hour at no charge.

(reservations made ahead of time for observing plans are charged as normal)

We genuinely want everyone to sample the telescopes without obligation.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, straight from the Launchpad page: